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Antalya Open-2022 IFMA (32 counties) - 4th PLACE |Shinkevich's Team| Vinokurov Team |

Club GARANT since 1998 continues the tradition of being a real sports association at the international level, and not a commercial project! For many years it has been the backbone of the Estonian national team!

| Shinkevich's Team | Vinokurov Team


1-st Place - Dmitri Salamatin U23 -81kg.

1-st Place - Ruslan Mitjajev 14-15 -71kg.

1-st Place - Roman Mitjajev 14-15 -81kg.

1-st Place - Larion Smirnov 12-13 -38kg.

1-st Place - Nikita Isopesko 16-17 -86kg.

1-st Place Daniel Zawalski 10-11 -34kg.

3-th Place Vadim Karavan 16-17 -63.5kg.

3-th Place Kirill Dahno U-23 -71kg.

3-th Place Nikita Voytyushko 12-13 -38kg.

3-th Place Lisanne Jõhvik 14-15 -67kg.

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